Meet the artists

Alexandra Klever

has worked as a freelance photographer since 1998. She always enjoys the challenge of capturing that special honest moment which makes a picture worth looking at.

File under: Kids.

What do you think, should we get together and create something great? We could!

Anna Mattsson

sees each individual as unique, and captures their beauty through her understanding of light, detail and texture. In her beauty and portraiture work she is on a mission to convey the essence of the person she photographs.

File under: Discovering beauty.

Henrik Halvarsson

plays with light and colours, and oozes a laidback confidence in his work. His respectable career has been going strong since the early 90s, and is founded on a firm vision, joy for what he does and ability to always develop.

File under: Think positive.

Our story in short: Once upon a time there was a love for the power of quality photography. Out of that love, Summerhill was born. You can start the next chapter...

Jussi Puikkonen

is a natural at capturing the essence of people and scenes. Raised in the Finnish countryside, based in Amsterdam, this down-to-earth cosmopolitan effortlessly gets along with everyone from CEOs to sauna champions.

File under: Laidback Realness.

Mikko Keskinen

is a true multitalent. Strong visual artistry, documentary-inspired camera work, vivid editing style and amazing sound design is what you can get when working with him. Everything he does is done with the greatest passion, from the heart. No compromises there.

File under: Films from the heart.

Rami Hanafi

developed a passion for photography as a young boy, and his previous life as a snowboarder got him used to travelling the world. He keeps on taking his documentary approach to new challenges.

File under: Reality bites.

PS. We love all seasons that lead to summer.

We yearn for quality images. For free-flowing creativity mixed with clear-sighted craftsmanship. Because whatever the season, quality is never out of style at Summerhill.



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